All of ZeAllgrate molded gratings can be concave top.

     Concave top FRP grating also known as meniscus top fiberglass grating, which creates a concave surface that provides slip-resistant footing for a wide range of industrial uses. Wet and oily conditions are best suited for the meniscus top FRP grating because of the security it provides.For most applications, the meniscus top fiberglass grating is the standard coating for all molded gratings because it performs well in the case of many common spills.

Concave Top FRP Grating

  • Significant protection against slips, slides and falls across wet, chemical and oily situations.

  • Strength enough to take heavy loads repeatedly.

  • Support for workers and equipment, putting less strain on both.

  • Non-corrosive, non-conductive and non-sparking.

  • Limited maintenance and cleaning needs, with no sandblasting, repainting or sanding inmost use cases.

  • Long-lasting due to ingrained resistance to a variety of chemicals, impacts and traffic.

Benefits of Meniscus Top Molded Grating

Meniscus coating applies a very thin substrate to the surface and the final bonding process helps it to stay hydrophobic and move most oils, waters and other liquids away from raised grating elements, so your staff can maintain their grip.

The best news of using meniscus top fiberglass grating is that you’ll get all the standard benefits for FRP grating, including:

Thechief competitor to meniscus top molded grating is an integrally applied grit top. These grit tops use a variety of materials such as quartz and can be applied integrally. They provide significant resistant to slips but may not perform as well in oily situations.

How Is Meniscus Top Molded Grating Different?

Meniscus top fiberglass grating has a normal amount of corrosion resistance for an FRP product,though some integrated competitors and alternatives may have a higher degree of resistance. It tends to perform as well as other coatings when maintaining the electrical and thermal conductivity resistances.

By pairing a meniscus top FRP grating with exceptional resins including Isophthalic Polyesters, the meniscus coating will be able to meet the demands of many harsh environments.

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